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i'm the new cancer

mrs. urie

17 April
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billie joe armstrong

let me marry your underpants?

my name is stephie. i'm 14 years old and i live on a navy base in cuba, but i'm not cuban...i like to type in all lowercase letters because i think it looks weird when you have to capitifsjkhfjksh see i cant even spell the word. people call me emo, they're terribly wrong. my name is stephie, i'm not a can of soup ready for labeling. i dont even dress emo, but i kinda do like the whole scene. if you were to label me, i'd rather indie princess, it has a cute ring to it. i'm very much taken by my boyfirend of 4 months now (all together a year and four months)i make graphics, you can see mostof them here at my journal, just befriend me. and look down at my communities, i post a lot in the icons, and i do icon contests plenty. i use PSPX, so yes. if you want a tutorial on any of my icons, tell me and i'll post it in icon_tutorial
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green day,panic! at the disco, fall out boy, him, my chemical romance, cky, the 69 eyes, daniel lioneyes, new years day, the plain white t's, hollywood undead, tegan and sara, thursday, atreyu, afi, dahsboard confessional, the smiths, the cure, marilyn manson, the rocky horror picture show sountrack, all american rejects, from first to last, hawthorne heights, brandon dicamillo [ gnar kill ], jupiter sunrise, death cab for cutie, horror pops, system of a down, and so much more that i cant remember at 6 in the morning


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